Friday, June 24, 2016

London, England - Day 7

     It is our first full day in London, and this is the view outside our flat. 

     On our walk to the Surrey Quays station.

     Chips Crisps galore!

     First, breakfast at Canada Water Cafe.

     And of course taking pictures of everything we ordered.

     First stop, Tower of London!

     The crown jewels were really cool to see up close, but unfortunately they didn't allow us to take photos of any of it.

     I ended up buying a miniature crown on a whim.  I was surprised how soon I contracted Londonitis.  When I was in Hawaii, I got tropicalitis (where one buys anything with a pineapple or remotely tropical on it).  And now, I have Londonitis.

     Tower of London, with the Shard to contrast in the background.

     This looks like some sort of torture device, and I'm sure my guess is not too far off.

     After my fall in Berlin at the Lego store, all stairs made me nervous.

     Tower Bridge.

     I'll openly admit I brought these shoes to take pictures like these.  They were quite comfortable, actually.

     They had a little food festival going on near where our river cruise was boarding.

     I'm normally not a fan of selective coloring... but here ya go!  Thanks to Patty for modeling!

     We walked over to St. Paul's cathedral, and then stopped by a nearby shop for refreshments after taking some photos from the rooftop of the shopping center.

     I love it when people unknowingly pose for my pictures. :)

     Afterwards, we went back home (yes, I started calling it home) and I had myself a croissant and coffee.

     I think we were so tired that we didn't go back out for some night shooting.  Instead, we opted to try this place called Tayyabs for some Indian food.  It was delicious!!!

     More mango lassi! Mmm...

     Of course, no one got to eat until all photos were taken. 

     Proof that dinner was really good. :)

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