Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Berlin, Germany - Day 5: Kreuzberg Neighborhood

     After the fiasco in Potsdam, we decided to really take it easy on our last day in Berlin.  Jon found us a place to have brunch, so we slept in a little bit (and by slept in, I meant we left the house at 9am), and were on our way to the Kreuzberg neighborhood.

     This is the station near our Airbnb, and even though it looked dangerous the night we got in, it had become a beacon of light at the end of each day of nonstop walking.

     While waiting for a transfer to another train, I decided to peruse the vending machines.  I saw these peanut M & Ms in the German flag colors and had to have them!  Everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and bought them, too. Erik decided he was going to open his bag and use the M & Ms to make the German flag.  Long story short, he ended up making the Belgian flag LOL.

     The place we went to for brunch was DELICIOUS.  The presentation of the food was impeccable, and everything tasted so fresh.  Best of all, everything on the menu was priced really well.

     No one really gets to eat or drink until all photos have been taken.

     I normally have dry skin, but it was particularly dry on this trip.  Look at my cappuccino instead!

     This neighborhood reminded me of some New York City neighborhoods.

     I bet this is an interesting place to get a drink at night LOL.

     I'd be lying if I said I didn't just look this up on Google, but "jagermeister" means "hunting master" in German. That explains the deer on the label.

     Note to self:  don't bring perforated shoes on vacation where it rains...Ever. Again.

     After brunch, I made a stop at KaDeWe again to get my bag.  

     And then I fell down the steps at the Lego store. :( 

     Once I felt a little bit better walking on my ankle, we marched onward!

     The German Best Buy!

     After my accident at the Lego store, any steps made me cringe a little bit. 

     We discovered that just a few steps in the other direction of our street was a grocery store.  We were happy we found it, but sad we didn't see it sooner.  I was fascinated by the grocery store (and clearly Patty was, too).  I probably could've spent two hours in here just looking at labels, and seeing all the different foods Germany had to offer. 

     We found these in both Berlin and London.  WHY do we not have these in America?!?  I've never seen them, and will continually be on the lookout for them from now on.

     After a little rest, we headed out to meet Rhoda for dinner at Burgermeister (yes, that's right! Burger master!).  I wasn't too thrilled about eating hamburgers, but I was to be proven wrong later on.

     There was some beautiful light and gorgeous views once we arrived at our destination, so I pulled out my 5d.  The next 14 photos were taken with my 5d. 

     Pretty much the entire piece of the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery was written on.  Note to self:  Carry a black sharpie with you at all times.  You never know when you'll have the chance to write on a piece of world history.  Nisha brought one.  I should've been like Nisha.

     We stopped for a drink called mango lasse (don't know if I'm spelling that right), and it was so refreshingly good.

     They had, um, "other" drinks on the menu, too LOL.

     I guess it didn't really happen unless you have a photo of it.  That's always been my motto! 

     So the next time I'm in Berlin, I am staying here.  No joke! 

     I had the bacon BBQ, and it was the most amazing burger. EVER.  I think the photo speaks for itself, but even the photo doesn't do this burger justice. It was so good. I would've eaten it again had this not been our last night in Berlin.

     While we were eating, all of a sudden we saw fireworks in the distance behind the bridge.  It went on for what seemed a really long time.  It was such a nice touch to our last night in Berlin.  It was great food with great company in a great place.  I highly recommend you check out the Kreuzberg neighborhood if you're ever in Berlin!

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