Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hollywood Forever Cemetery :: Dia de los Muertos

     In the past, several people have told me how great this event is.  I finally made myself go, and the portrait opportunities did not disappoint!  I loved all the vibrant colors and creative artistry that went into everyone's outfits/make-up.  Traffic was absolutely insane, so my best advice is to get there early (before 3pm) and you'll likely avoid the massive crowds.  Wait til the sun goes down, grab a few dramatic shots against a darker sky, and then make your way home before it's shoulder to shoulder!  

     I shot with my EOS R and only brought two lenses - my RF 35mm f1.8 and RF 24-105mm f4.  I found these to be more than enough to get the shots that I wanted.  A good, fast prime is a must have - especially once the sun sets.  In retrospect, I should've packed my Litra Pro light.  I saw someone using one of those light wands with adjustable color temperatures, and now I want one!  Maybe for Christmas! 😀

     I can definitely see myself going to this event again.  Enjoy the photos!