Sunday, June 17, 2018

Wandering Through Venice Beach and Canals

     My first time going to Venice Beach was for a photography meet up.  If I recall correctly, it was a Worldwide Photo Walk Day event.  As the photo walk was coming to an end, some of us branched off and ate at this place called C&O Trattoria.  They served these mini garlic rolls that were delicious, and the best part?  Someone swiftly refills your plate of garlic rolls when your supply gets low!  I decided to head out that way to rekindle my romance with these garlic rolls, and needless to say, they did not disappoint!

     Here they are in all their glory! 😋

     This spinach salad wasn't bad either.  I knew I was mainly there for the garlic rolls, so I ordered this salad just to disguise the fact that I was just there for the garlic rolls. 😃

     Venice Beach is definitely not one of my favorite beaches in SoCal, but I do love all the murals on the buildings. 

     It was a horrible time for me to get the kind of photos I wanted of the Venice Canals, but it was cool to walk around this area again and see some of the amazing homes.  Oh, and this giant unicorn floaty?  I need that in my life. 

     This was a pretty cool mural.  I'm ashamed that I can probably only accurately identify about half the people in it LOL.

     One of the best things about beach communities is how dog friendly a lot of them are.  There is no shortage of little (and big) furries everywhere!

     I had the best iced coffee at this cafe.  It tasted very similar to Vietnamese iced coffee after I added some cream and sugar.

     Apparently this is a thing.  One of these days, I will have to rent a scooter.  The best part?  Once you're done with it, you can just leave it wherever you are.  Seems kinda strange to me, but someone must be making money with these, otherwise they wouldn't be all over the place!

     Wanderlust Creamery was on my list of places to check out near Venice Beach.  I think there are other locations, but this was so close to where we were, that it was hard to pass up.  

     I loved the concept of this ice cream shop.  Their menu is basically ice cream flavors inspired by ingredients that are known to a specific country or inspired by a dish from that country.  You can get full or half scoops, and you can get single or double scoops.  I got full scoops of the mango and sticky rice (inspired by Thailand) and the pretzel and rugbraud (inspired by Iceland).  The mango and sticky rice tasted very much like actual mango and sticky rice.  They nailed that one.  I was unsure of how I felt about the pretzel and rugbraud flavor.  While it was sweet (because duh, ice cream), the flavor was one of those tastes that I felt shouldn't be in ice cream form LOL.  For example, a cheeseburger is delicious, but there shouldn't be cheeseburger ice cream.  Am I right?!

     This is definitely worth trying if you're in the area.  I'm still interested in trying some of the other flavors!

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