Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Proud Bird

     Every time I'm driving near LAX, this restaurant called The Proud Bird has always intrigued me.  Not really knowing what it was, and being unimpressed by the exterior, I've always driven right by it.  The last time I was in the area, it was just too close to not pop in and see what this place was all about.  Some googling  informed me that it was a cafeteria style restaurant (similar to Clifton's Cafeteria).  

     The outside features hangar-like architecture and a slew of old planes in the front and back of the restaurant, but once you step inside, you are pleasantly surprised by how modern and well-themed it is.  The Proud Bird was renovated in 2016 apparently, and they did a fantastic job.  The outside still has some catching up to do, but the inside looked fantastic.  Upon entering, there is a kiosk that acts as an informational stand and mini gift shop.  

     Look at how cute these bomber jackets are!  If you have a child that loves aviation, this would be such a cute gift.

         These would be cute, too!

     Of course, you can't forget a gift for yourself LOL.

     Lots of memorabilia and travel-themed trinkets line the shelves.

     You can also get a dose of history.  There was even an employee that greeted us and who could answer any questions we had.  

     Now for the food.  Unfortunately, I wasn't hungry so I can't comment on the food.  It's pretty much classic American food, and most notably, they serve Bludso's BBQ which I've always wanted to try!  This definitely calls for an official lunch or dinner in the near future.

     The theme continues as you get to the seating area.  I love how the walls are adorned with pictures framed like airplane windows.  There's also a bar nearby if you're looking to just grab a drink.

     As you look out the bottom floor windows, you'll see a few planes.  I think the outside used to be better maintained, and hopefully one day the outside will get a renovation.

       My favorite part, of course, was the view of planes landing at LAX.  This is second only to the view from the In-N-Out on Sepulveda Blvd.

     This is a bit of history on the restaurant itself.  The Proud Bird has been around a long time!

     I loved seeing these old menus from airlines that no longer exist.  Flying, in general, was such a glamorous thing back then!

     More aviation history can be found if you take the stairs to the second floor.  You'll also find an event room.  The Proud Bird does weddings and small private events at reasonable prices.  An aviation/travel themed party would be so amazing!  You can find more info here.

     I highly recommend The Proud Bird if you're looking to do some plane spotting, or have time to kill before your flight takes off!


  1. definitely a good place for plane enthusiasts. i wonder if it ever gets really busy...

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