Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Broad

     If I learned anything from this trip to The Broad, it is that art is truly subjective.  I probably didn't understand or care for half the stuff I saw.  But hey, it was worth it to get my Instagram shot of that blue dog balloon-looking thing by Jeff Koons.  

     For your convenience, I highly recommend getting the timed entry tickets online at their website.  Waiting outside on standby did not look fun.  General admission is free, but you need to get additional timed entry tickets for the special exhibits.  Parking is a flat rate of $15 on weekends and is located under the museum.

All photos taken with my G7x II.

     I regretted not bringing my DSLR and a wide lens to get a shot of the building from the outside.  

     This was actually an art piece.  I really couldn't tell if the hyphenation error was deliberate or not. 


  1. Some new art I want to see! You can park for $8 only a block away.

    1. didn't know that! you'll have to let me know which lot that is! :)

    2. Oh heck. Just now seeing this. Time has flown! lol. On the corner of 2nd and Olive but you have to enter the one way street from Hill. There were lots on both sides of 2nd.