Wednesday, October 11, 2017

L.A. Smorgasburg Photography

     A few weeks ago, I discovered 626 Night Market's cousin, L.A. Smorgasburg.  From what I saw, it felt like a similar concept, but with less emphasis on Asian or Asian inspired/fusion food - and minus the entry fee!  L.A. Smorgasburg also throws in a sprinkling of shopping and musical performances set in a renovated industrial area.  The parking (in a large structure) is affordable and ample.  

Despite the temperature being in the low 80s, it still felt scorching hot outside.  Thank goodness for these umbrella-covered picnic tables!

     The food prices rival that of the 626 Nigh Market.  Most things will run you around $10-12, such as this pork belly banh mi sandwich from Bahn Oui.

     This tri-tip sandwich from Stoked BBQ was small, but tasty..

     What was even better was this cantaloupe juice.  I don't know if it was the heat, but this stuff was just so refreshing and downright delicious.

     This strawberry lemonade slushy from Lade Slush Co. was also really good.  I've never heard of most of these businesses, and it did make me wonder if they operated only at events such as L.A. Smorgasburg, or if they actually had a storefront or food truck.

     The rest of the food is not mine.  I did, however, enjoy taking pictures of other people's food.

     Oh wait, this was mine, too.  A pastrami sandwich from a vendor (whose name I can't recall - sorry!)

     I should've taken a picture with this lightbox, I know. 😏

     I still remember the moment I took this photo.  It finally dawned on me what this place reminded me of.  Okay, all you Walking Dead fans... doesn't this look like TERMINUS!?!?  Right?!  For some reason, once I realized this, I didn't want to eat any of the meat anymore hehe...😮

     The parking structure looked very hip and green. 

     What we all hope is true.

     I knew this picture would come in handy!  You can visit L.A. Smorgasburg every Sunday at the Alameda Produce Market grounds.  The address for the parking structure is 785 Bay Street, Los Angeles, CA  90021.  Bring a hat and sunscreen - it gets really hot out there! 😊

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