Monday, February 20, 2017

Newport Beach Photography :: Lazy Sunday

     There is no better way to dive back into this blog than to open with a picture of an apple fritter, right?  This is what my lazy Sunday looked like.  Feeling inspired to go out and take some photos after not feeling like taking any photos for a while, I decided that heading to Newport Beach was a good idea.  After jockeying for a parking spot, I channeled my inner twenty-something year old and took in all the old familiar sights and sounds.  Newport was definitely one of my favorite beaches to hit up in my teens and all through my 20s.  Then I realized how bad all the frequent sun exposure was for you, and now "going to the beach" only means grabbing an apple fritter on a cloudy day. :)

     Seaside Donuts is still there and looks exactly the same as it did many years ago.  I have so many memories of getting donuts here.  I am loving their new sign.  If you're thinking this sign isn't new, then that tells you how long it's been since I've been to Newport Beach!

     The birds were out in full effect.  They were both fascinating to observe as well as my worst nightmare.  #fearofbirds

     I was so glad I chose Newport Beach.  The vibe is much more laid back than a place like Huntington Beach or Santa Monica.  I like those too, but the nice overcast day went so well with the more "small town" vibe of Newport.

     I love these overcast days!  They are the best days for photography because the light is amazing all. day. long!  I wish every day was like this. SoCal sunshine is so overrated.  Bring on the clouds!

    I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend, and if you didn't, may these pictures give you a little bit of relaxation for the what's left of it. :)

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