Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What Fits Inside The Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L and Mini Review

     A few weeks ago, I picked up one of Peak Design's latest designs - the Everyday Sling 5L.  I already owned the Every Sling 10L, but always felt that although the 10L was roomy and held a lot of gear for a day of shooting, I still longed for a smaller bag that would carry me through a day of light gear and just the essentials.  I ordered the bag immediately, and while I was waiting for it to arrive, one of the the hardest things to find was information on how a DLSR would fit into the 5L.  There were plenty of photos on their website showing smaller DSLRs as well as small drones, but that just didn't represent the gear I would be using in the 5L.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  Does it really matter since I already ordered the bag?  Not really, but if you're on the fence about buying it because you're not exactly sure if it would work with your 5d or similar size DSLR, hopefully you will find this post helpful. 😊

     Here are some photos of the 5L in black from Peak Design's website.  I'll be showing what fits inside the main compartment, the zippered pocket on the opening, and the outside zippered pocket.

     In order to take advantage of the space inside, I found this configuration to be the most efficient.  I left more space on the left side (from this view) and used the flexfold divider that folds down to make a shelf in the middle.  The flexfold divider you see the on the right, also folds down, but the entire flap folds down, leaving you without the division for the entirety of the bag.

     This view of the bag is similar to what it would look like when you have it on your body.  In the inside zippered compartment, (from left to right, I can fit my lip balm, a backup battery, lens cleaning wipes, a remote shutter release, and a multi-tool.  I also keep a small pack of tissues and business cards in this zippered pocket.

Set up #1 - Light shooting day
     On a light shooting day, I like to bring my 5d (right), 28mm f1.8 (bottom middle), 40mm f2.8 (top middle with divider folded down, and my 85mm f1.8 (left).  It's still easy to open and close the main compartment zipper with this set up. 

Set up #2:  Heavier shooting day
     For when I need to bring a zoom, I remove the 5d from the bag and just carry it using my Slide camera strap.  In place of the 5d, I have put my 24-70mm f2.8 lens.  It easily holds this lens or something similar in size. 

Set up #3 - Light carry with L lenses
     For days when I want to bring my L lenses, I can fit my 50mm f1.2 (left), my 135mm f2 (middle), and the 5d on the right.  It's a little bit of a tighter fit, but the bag still closes. 

Set up #4 - Heavier shooting day with all L lenses
     In the following set up, I have (from left to right) my 50mm, 135mm (for longer reach), and 24-70mm (for versatility and ease).  Again, in this situation, I'd be carrying my 5d on a strap.

Set up #5 - Modified light carry day
     In this set up, I'm carrying minimal gear, and totally hands-free.  From left to right, I have my 50mm, my 28mm (in the bottom middle with flap folded down) and slide strap on top of it, and my 5d (right).

     Finally, on the outside pocket, you can easily fit a regular sized wallet, or in this case, I was able to stick my Manfrotto Pixi tripod in there.  The still closes just fine.

     Hopefully, this helped shed some light on what actually fits inside when it comes to cameras the size of the 5d or similar.  I just recently picked myself up the V3 version of Peak Design's Capture Pro clip and I'm excited to use it with the 5L.  I've enjoyed using this bag so far, as it is lightweight and really does carry just the essentials.  There are some pockets that I did not talk about, and that was due to the fact that if I had tried to fit more into the bag, it would've become either too heavy or too difficult to close.  These pockets are the inner side pockets and the tablet sleeve.  My ONE complaint about this bag would be similar to what another reviewer said.  It would've served this bag well if it had been a 6L bag.  Whenever I use it, I do find myself thinking, Man, if only it had just a little more space!  Otherwise, it's a fantastic bag at a great price point compared to Peak Design's other bags.  

     Thanks for reading!  Happy shooting! 😊

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