Sunday, November 5, 2017

Aquarium of the Pacific Photographer's Night

      Last week, I went to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific's annual Photographer's Night.  I have gone a few times in the past and always end up having a great time.  This year, I had limited time and couldn't stay for the entire evening.  The even starts with entry times at 5:30pm or 6:30pm and runs until 10:00pm.  We were ushered into this auditorium at 5:30pm.  While a Canon rep went over a few guidelines and tip, I mentally went over which exhibits I wanted to visit with the amount of time I had.  

     One of the biggest perks of Photographer's Night, aside from having the aquarium to yourself without the general public there, is having the opportunity to have a photo printed on one of Canon's amazing printers.  I was really pleased with how mine turned out.  There are also vendors like Tuttle Cameras who are there to loan out equipment for your to try out - for free!  My friend borrowed a macro lens and got some amazing shots with it.  I brought my own 100mm macro, but didn't have as much luck.  I think the anxiety of knowing I had limited time contributed to some shaky hands.  I have shot at the aquarium before and had never experienced such shakiness ever - and it was already tough enough to shoot through glass at moving objects in dim light!
     Not my best work, but here are a few of my "favorites" hahahaha...😛

     The personality of this little puffer fish really stole my heart.  She just zipped around the tank, and was having a grand old time in there.  This was the only photo I could get of her, because she was so speedy!  I may need to go back and visit her. 😊

     Even though I love the peaceful nature of shooting at the aquarium, I absolutely hate being under water and whatever is in the ocean.  I can barely bring myself to go snorkeling, and don't find the ocean to be a welcoming place.  Needless to say, the AOP lets me get photos of all this ocean life without having to be in it.  It's definitely a win-win. 

     Aside from what's in the ocean, I also hate frogs.  It was tough for me to edit these.  They creep me, enjoy.

     I really wanted to get that perfect shot of the stingrays, but I had to make sure I had enough time with the jellyfish.

     The jellyfish are probably a favorite of the Photographer's Night.  They are so mesmerizing, and there's such a variety of them at the aquarium.

     Okay, so these really creeped me out.  I don't know what they reminded me of...maybe worms?  I dunno, but I both love and hate this photo at the same time. 😨

     If you've never been, I strongly encourage you to attend the next one.  I find it such a relaxing time to shoot and explore ocean life with other fellow photographers.  There is a small cafe with tables and chairs to relax in, chimp your photos, and talk shop with your photography friends.  I really hope I can stay for the whole event next time! 

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