Sunday, November 3, 2019

Hollywood Forever Cemetery :: Dia de los Muertos

     In the past, several people have told me how great this event is.  I finally made myself go, and the portrait opportunities did not disappoint!  I loved all the vibrant colors and creative artistry that went into everyone's outfits/make-up.  Traffic was absolutely insane, so my best advice is to get there early (before 3pm) and you'll likely avoid the massive crowds.  Wait til the sun goes down, grab a few dramatic shots against a darker sky, and then make your way home before it's shoulder to shoulder!  

     I shot with my EOS R and only brought two lenses - my RF 35mm f1.8 and RF 24-105mm f4.  I found these to be more than enough to get the shots that I wanted.  A good, fast prime is a must have - especially once the sun sets.  In retrospect, I should've packed my Litra Pro light.  I saw someone using one of those light wands with adjustable color temperatures, and now I want one!  Maybe for Christmas! 😀

     I can definitely see myself going to this event again.  Enjoy the photos! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Pioneertown, CA

     The urge to shoot something that involved a starry sky turned into an impromptu trek out to Pioneertown in Joshua Tree.  In addition to shooting some starry skies, I really wanted to check out this Pioneertown Motel.  It's just as cute in person as it is on Instagram!

     Pioneertown has changed a lot since I last saw it about 10 years ago.  We veered off our usual path to Joshua Tree and stumbled upon this little slice of the Wild West.  At the time, it simply looked like a place that was used for filming, but now there are shops and a motel right next door!  It was nice to see some activity going on.  If you're ever going out to Joshua Tree, it's definitely worth a short detour!

     There are some actual residents of Pioneertown, so make sure you respect the private property signs, and watch the noise level.

     One of the shops specializes in leather goods.

     The light at dusk was so pretty!

     This was the happening place in Pioneertown for sure.  We overheard people talking about needing reservations to get in.

     This, however, was what we came for.  Shooting at night under the stars is one of my favorite types of photography outings.  

     It was a really windy night, hence the movement in the trees.