Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Food :: OC Night Market

     As I was brainstorming for something to do this past weekend, I noticed that the OC Night Market was going to be at the OC Fairgrounds.  Up until now, I've only been to the 626 Night Market, so I was curious how they compared.  Hoping for a lighter crowd (because the 626 Night Market was always crowded), we made our way to the fairgrounds around 4pm.  I guess you could say we attended the OC "Day" Market instead. 

     Who knew there was a Downtown LA Night Market?!  I'll have to check that out sometime!

Parking:  $8
Admission:  $5

     Before you get to the food stands, you walk through the same pavillion where they sell arts and crafts during the OC Fair.  There were lots of cute things to peruse, but in staying true to my #nospend2017, I was good. 

     Thank goodness I'm not a huge seafood fan.  These lobsters were about $18 each.

     I really wanted to try the roasted corn.  The problem with something like the Night Market is that you can only eat so much food before you're full.  So if you're thinking of going and trying ALL the food - yeah, good luck with that.  You are my hero if you can keep eating after four food stands. :)

     I noticed a lot of adults buying these.  The Nigh Markets really like to up the whimsy factor on their drinks.  These were essentially large baby bottle coin banks filled with a drink.  

     Okay, so I got sucked in.  This photo below cost me $8.  The drinks themselves (Thai tea and milk tea) were just okay.  The blow up unicorn drink floatie is sitting on my living room table right now looking pretty.  I am sure they are making a killing off of the people buying this stuff just to get an Instagram photo.  By the way, I am one of these people. 

     Clowns. Are. Scary.

     I ended up having some garlic shrimp from the Shrimp Daddy stand.  The plates are made to order, and take about 10-12 minutes (even though they tell you 5 minutes).  I'll admit though, that the shrimp is delicious!  I honestly thought it tasted better than the garlic shrimp at the shrimp trucks on Oahu, but minus all the flies.  My friends thought differently, and felt the shrimp of the Oahu shrimp trucks were more buttery.  As I'll always say when it comes to food, it is all subjective.

     I also had these tomoyaki balls.  I loved the flakes and sauces they put on top of them, but the inside was a little too runny for my taste.  These were $6 for 7 balls.

Pork Belly plate from Lucky Ball Korean BBQ.  This was $10 and came with a lemonade.  It wasn't bad, and one of the better values at the market.

The garlic shrimp plate from Shrimp Daddy.  It came with a side of mac salad, pineapple bits, and rice with some of the garlic sauce on top.  Not bad for $13.95 a plate, and very tasty. 

     There was a stand giving away free frozen beer.  I didn't really like the taste of it, but it was nice to have something cool since it was still warm around 7pm.  The light became really nice around 7pm.  I highly recommend going at this time on a Sunday.  It's not as crazy as a Friday or Saturday, and the light is perfect for photos.

     I really wanted to get the double cone for the sheer ridiculousness of it, but I was too full to have a real dessert at the end of the evening. 

     One of my friends had this.  I know it's a popular item at both markets.  I had the fruity pebbles churro with ice cream and it was so good!

     All in all, this was a nice relaxing way to get in Sunday dinner without the usual huge crowds.  I'm sure I'll be going to a few more of these so that I can try some of the other yummy things I saw!

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