Wednesday, July 6, 2016

London, England - Day 10

     The reality is sinking in that we are leaving soon.  Only two full days left in London.  Londonitis is kicking in, and my photo taking goes into overdrive because I want to capture every morsel of memory I can.

     Our day started out with a visit to Buckingham Palace - just to say we've been there. 

     There were people everywhere waiting for the changing of the guards.  I didn't think it would be that interesting to see, so we decided to just take a few pictures and then go explore other areas.

     It was raining off an on all morning.  I thought I'd use my G7X just because it was more convenient to tuck that away than my DSLR when it started raining.  In retrospect, I really wish I had used my DSLR more often.

     People say it's gloomy in England, but aside from the actual rain, I loved having the overcast weather everyday.  :)

     By the time we got to Trafalgar Square, it was full on rain!

     We decided to hit up Borough Market for lunch.  It's basically this warehouse looking place that is open-air with tons of food vendors.  

     I could've taken pictures of the food all day.  The presentation was nice, and everything was so colorful and vibrant.

     I ended up choosing a vegetarian curry dish and a vegetarian samosa.  This was when I learned that cilantro and coriander were the same thing hehehe. :) I also got a side of scotch eggs.  They are eggs with a minced meat and crumb coating.  They were quite tasty. 

     We decided to stop by Covent Garden to take a break from walking.  I loved this place.  It was definitely one of my favorites by far.  It felt very "European" to be in this area.  Perhaps it was the outdoor seating that reminded me of Berlin.  

     We grabbed some macarons and I made a mental note to chill out at Covent Garden the next day. 

     As we were walking around the shops, I heard the sound of "Con Te Partiro" being played.  It turned out to be some performers in the courtyard.  It was beautiful, and easily one of my favorite moments in London. 

     Later on at Oxford Street, it started raining cats and dogs. 

     We decided to escape the rain for a bit and get some drinks.

     At some point, it was mentioned how some Asian food would be so good.  When we passed by this small shop, even this Panda Express-looking food looked good.  We agreed to have some Chinese food later for dinner.

     After we went back to rest up, we headed back out for some Chinese food at Ma Po.  We had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be quite tasty!

     After dinner, we decided to do the London Eye.  There is a two for one deal that you can get if you bring a passport-sized photo and a coupon from one of the London travel guides.  We ended up paying 12.50 pounds each instead of 25 pounds.  I think I enjoyed being on the London Eye more than I enjoyed the views.  Because of the glass, it was tough to really get clear shots of anything - not to mention the people that are in the pod with you getting in the way of the shots.

     You really get a feel for how large London actually is.  It made me realize that we were only seeing a small part of London, much less anything outside of London.  Immediately, I started to regret not doing the day trip to Bath.  :(

     One more day left.  I realized how much I was going to miss being in Europe.  There was still so much I wanted to see and do.  I'll have to come back. :) 

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