Sunday, September 15, 2019

Salton Sea Photography :: Summer 2019

It's hard to believe I've been coming here for ten years!  I still remember when the decay was real (and not just an art installation) and this was a hidden photography gem in the desert. Tempted to go check out two art pieces I saw were out at Bombay Beach, I was able to con one of my friends into driving out there.  We focused just on the Bombay Beach area so that we could take our time.  Here are some of the new things I saw:

All photos taken with either my EOS R or Fuji X100F.

1)  A "hotel"?!?  I don't know whether this is a real hotel or just another art exhibit, but this is actually real.  I went to the website and apparently there are plans to build this by 2021!

2)  I've seen this on Instagram for a while now, but after a little research, I found out this was out at one of the Burning Man events a few years ago!  So far, this is as close as I've gotten to Burning Man LOL.  One day!

3)  A lot of artists have moved into Bombay Beach and surrounding areas.  Their projects can easily be seen while driving by.  There's currently a big movement to use art as a way to stimulate interest in the Salton Sea area.

4)  If you recall ever seeing this iconic boat out at Salton Sea, then I have sad news to report.  Some idiots have burned it to the ground. I hate people.

     Here is what it looked like during one of its paint jobs over the years.  This one was probably my favorite.

5)  This is from the Bombay Beach Biennale.  I wish I had known about this event!  Maybe next year?

6)  The new iconic swing out in the water.  This is what I came for! We waited til sunset to get some shots of this.

7)  Also from the Biennale event.

8)  Not sure if this is from the Biennale, but I think it has to be.  It certainly wasn't here back in January!

     I've actually seen people get their cars stuck in the sand, so I would imagine "Kim" gets a lot of calls. 

9)  More graffiti...

10)  Another from the Biennale...

     Every time I see this, I am astonished at how the water level has receded in only 10 years. 

11)  This was pretty cool to shoot, especially if you catch it on a day with dramatic skies.

     And here are some shots from the swing at sunset!  I definitely want to come back and shoot this again.  I think on a day where the skies are dramatic and the water is still would be ideal.

     As luck would have it, these clouds started rolling in once we were about to leave.

     Good night from Bombay Beach! 😴

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