Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Kiss End of the Road Concert Photography

     It's no secret that I am a hairband junkie.  You can call it glam rock if you want, but anything from the mid 80s to early 90s makes me happy and reminds me of a simpler time when MTV stood for music television and actually played videos.  Lip syncing wasn't rampant, and bands were not simply boys - they played instruments.  It was an amazing, carefree period and I'm thankful to have experienced my childhood and adolescence during this time.  

     When Kiss announced their End of the Road Tour, I thought I was giving the tickets as a great present, but little did I know that I would be treated to such a spectacle of a show.  I am a hardcore Bon Jovi and Def Leppard fan, and have seen their shows (as an adult), but Kiss really knows how to entertain!  That is saying a lot considering that while I liked some of their songs, I wouldn't consider myself a diehard fan.  I didn't know most of the songs on their set list, but this show was so entertaining.  Paul Stanley sounds amazing for someone who's been doing this for a LONG time.  I watched some old videos of theirs and compared them to some of the videos I took at the concert, and he is very lucky to still have his singing voice when other rock stars struggle to belt out lyrics. 

     Much like some people need to decide what to wear, I struggled with which camera to bring.  After reading the Honda Center photography rules, the only camera that fit within their guidelines was my trusty Canon G7x Mark II.  Man, I love this camera.  I'm so glad I decided against selling it after I got my Canon EOS R.  There is still a place for it in my collection, and concert photography is that place.  Do I wish I had my DSLR?  Of course, but I couldn't bring it anyway, and it was nice to travel light for the night.  

     I hope these photos showcase what an awesome show Kiss puts on!  

     As the show came to a close, they played one of my favorite Kiss songs.  Perfection. 👌

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