Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Disneyland Photography :: Christmas at Disneyland

     Every year, I enjoy photographing the Christmas decorations at Disneyland.  The parks get transformed overnight, and the air is just a little bit crisp and cold (by SoCal standards anyway).  We had just gotten a little bit of much needed rain, and I knew the day after would produce some amazing clouds.  

     I was very pleased to see these clouds surrounding the Matterhorn, and also that I thought to bring my 135mm lens!

     First stop, the Plaza Inn for some chicken!

     Since I'd be at the park for 7+ hours, I decided it would be a good opportunity to put my Peak Design Everyday Backpack to the test again.  I really found it convenient for switching out lenses without taking off the backpack entirely.  

     For this outing, I brought along my 28mm (for wide shots and also when I didn't want to carry anything too heavy), my 24-70mm (for when I need more range and don't want to keep switching lenses), and my 135mm (to capture details that may be too far away).  

     One of my friends had gotten this shot of Sally from the Haunted Mansion ride.  I was glad to get a shot of my own! She appears once the ride enters the graveyard, right after you see Jack Skellington.  

     G.A.S. - we all have it.  You photography peeps know what I'm talkin' about. ;)

     I love the themed garlands at the California Adventure side of the resort!

     The Tower of Terror ride is closing soon and being redone as a Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride.  This makes me quite sad as it's quite an iconic ride at the park.  I think the introduction of Marvel themed rides is going to be on the rise in the coming years, and I'm not so sure that's a good thing.  

     I think this is kind of a creepy shot, but I'm glad I have it to remember the ride by.

     I went back to the Disneyland side of the resort hoping to get a silhouette shot of the partners statue with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.  I ended up not getting the actual shot I wanted with the Christmas tree in the background, but was pretty happy to get a silhouette shot against the Sleeping Beauty castle.  I got this by standing on one of the seats behind the statue and using a wide angle lens (28mm).

     Crowds.  Everywhere.

     I wish this picture was sharper, but I still like the balloon in the shot. 

     Some trinkets from Disneyana.

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